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  • Argene Superina

    January 22, 2024

    Horizon (now Meta) Workrooms is widely available platform for collaborative working and meetings. It is established product with active development. One of the drawbacks, at the time was time-consuming setting up and some account validation problems, which may be solved at this time (Facebook accounts).

    Horizon worlds: (mentioned): Interesting openworld solution, perhaps not very appropriate for team meetings.

    Horizon venues: One of the products of Horizon/Meta, widely accepted, yet not very appropriate for organisational processes, meetings, presentation, but can be adjusted, to be used occasionally.

  • Jose Manuel San Emeterio

    January 22, 2024

    Very satisfactory experience as a VR environment with a good set of collaboration features. The feature of hands –recognition movement makes brings an enhanced experience in comparison with other solutions. The requirement to have a Meta account can be a barrier for its use.


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