Guide ARound the faculty is a mobile application for visitors at the Faculty of electrical engineering. The new AR app will enable freshmen students, international students, summer school students and other visitors at the Faculty of electrical engineering to navigate inside the main hallway and the most important rooms and corridors at the faculty. The app will help them to easily find the different rooms and places either to do some activity or just find their way.

Country: Slovenia

Type: Navigation, Gamification


Pilot Development

We held several workshops with stakeholders in order to learn about the actual needs for new public services.

Considering the technologies available we decided to develop an indoor VR guide where we add additional gaming elements and test new communication channels that will support the user.

We held a SEROI+ workshop with relevant stakeholders in order to define the goals of the project and map the stakeholders. More about the methodology:

For the service development we are using ARway environment:

Currently we have a working prototype, where navigation is relatively good. We are adding 3D objects in the map and with the purpose to make gamified tasks for the users. Final learnings will be posted after testing with the end users.


Our goal is to make an application that can be easily re-used for several user scenarios in public environments.

If you are a public body or an organisation considering similar developments please feel free to join our online conversations. We would love to discuss our journey with you and highlight the requirements and potential challenges you might face when embarking on the same path.

SEROI+ methodology

Evaluation Results

System Usability Scale (SUS)  - Virtual Guide - ARWay - score = 73  

The average value for SUS is 68. Every value above 68 is perceived as an acceptable score. The value of 73 in this case is interpreted as “good” score, meaning the respondents found the digital tool convenient for use.


User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) Conclusions

  • The biggest gap in the results between our data and the existing data can be seen in Dependability, meaning that the tool can be significantly improved in order to provide a better feeling of control. 
  • Perspicuity (the level of getting familiar of the product and its usage), Efficiency (the users can solve the task without some necessary effort) and Stimulation (excitement and motivation for using the product) can be improved as well, since the data for this tool is below the benchmark average. 
  • In terms of Attractiveness and Novelty, the collected data for this app is above the average, meaning that the participants are overall impressed by the app and its creative design. 


Slovenia Team

The Slovanie Team includes: Argene Superina and Tim Vivoda