This pilot is located at Donegal County Museum in Letterkenny (Ireland).

The Donegal County Museum is based in a fine old stone building, which was once part of the Letterkenny Workhouse, which opened in 1845. The Museum houses a substantial collection of artefacts relating to the history and heritage of County Donegal.

The pilot is primarily implemented in the first floor gallery where the exhibition gives visitors an overview of the story of Donegal from the Stone Age to the Twentieth Century. Through artefacts archives and images the exhibition explores the history of the county including the first farmers of the Neolithic period, the Land Wars and the Famine of the nineteenth century and the tumultuous period of the First World War, the War of Independence and Civil War 100 years ago.

The objective of this pilot is to provide an enhanced experience to the visitors by allowing them to navigate inside the museum and through the exhibition using an AR & mobile guide. The intelligent guide will help them to follow a meaningful journey through the history of County Donegal. Users will have access to rich media content (pictures, videos, 3D models, audios) that will complement the physical visit.

Country: Ireland

Type: Tourism


Pilot Development

- Tour already developed including the navigation itinerary for visitors

- Current work is focused in gathering content that complements the physical visit and adapting it to rich media formats (pictures, videos, 3D models, audios) to make it accessible through the tour  

- Next milestones are:

  • service ready by the end of March 2023
  • service marketing campaign in April 2023
  • service going live in May 2023

AR Museum Tour

Donegal Team

TPL team in Donegal. From left to right (Jose Manuel San Emeterio, Maixa Zabaleta, Leah Ryan, Inigo Zubicaray)