Technology-driven Talent House Hosting Plan Pilot
This Pilot, located in San Sebastian (Basque Country / Spain),
will look at an innovative digital service supporting talent
attraction and return to the city, promoting competitiveness
and economic development. San Sebastian has been already
working to develop programmes aimed at attracting,
retaining, and returning talent and one of these is the Talent
House Hosting Plan, which was created in 2011 with the aim
of supporting local technology and research centers in
attracting highly qualified profiles. This Hosting Plan includes
advisory services on administrative procedures to live in our
city, support for companions and also an accommodation
service in the Talent House building.
The pilot project planned within the framework of the TPL
focuses in this last service, the accommodation in the Talent
House building.
The two actions that are planned to be developed for the
improvement and digital transformation of the service are:
a) A 360º visit to the Talent House building and its spaces to
improve the user experience and allow interested researchers
to get to know Talent House in advance of their possible
arrival, and,
b) A Chatbot to explain the accommodation service and other
services of the Talent House Hosting Plan, which completes
the visit and allows the interested persons to receive

Country: Basque Country (Spain)

Type: Talent attraction


Pilot Development

The main progress carried out to date in the San Sebastián Pilot is the development of a 360º Virtual tour.

Check our tour here:

Fomento San Sebastian Virtual Tour

For more information on the development carried out, take a look at:


SEROI+ methodology

Evaluation Results

SUS – System Usability Scale KUULA score = 81.4 

The average value for SUS is 68. Every value above 68 is perceived as an acceptable score. The value of 81.4 in this case is interpreted as “above average” score, meaning the respondents found the digital tool convenient for use.  

User Experience Questionnaire - KUULA - Conclusions:

  • All the scales are above average, meaning that the participants are overall impressed by the app.
  • Stimulation and Novelty are slightly lower than the rest of the scales, but still above average.
  • In terms of Efficiency and Dependability the collected data for this app is close to excellent, meaning that the participants are overall impressed by the simplicity and controllability of the app. 

San Sebastian Team

The Fomento San Sebastian Team includes: Irene Murillo Haizea Galarreta Gorka Díez